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About Buffer media

If you want your consumers to get your message, you should definitely use mobile messaging services. Buffer offers an extensive messaging portfolio forged on years of experience with handling and delivering the most efficient messaging solutions.

Our messaging solutions enable you to integrate with existing business systems within minutes and send personalized, scheduled, and multi-language messages to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on-time with a highest open rates.

About Buffer media
About Buffer media

Short Messaging Service (SMS)

About Buffer media

Send SMS messages to all networks in Nigeria and over 600 Networks Worldwide.

Buffer's SMS solutions are tailored to reach your target audience through our robust messaging platform. Get global reach to more than 600 networks worldwide in real time. Our SMS solutions include:

  1. Transactional SMS
  2. Bulk SMS

Also known as corporate route, transactional SMS gives organisations direct access to existing customers all over the globe as it bypasses the DND filter. This can be used for customer care and service notification which helps your company generate more leads, convert them, increase sales and retain customers.

Bulk SMS:

Brands can leverage bulk SMS for promotional push notifications to drive awareness and generate leads. However, due to regulatory restrictions bulk SMS does not deliver to DND numbers


About Buffer media

The future of business messaging is here – Taking business messaging to the next level.

Rich Communication Service (RCS), like a modern-day chat app is a platform which allows you create rich, interactive and personalized experiences for your customers, all within their SMS inbox.

Our RCS messaging solutions allows you to reach your audience and share multimedia messages and content without the use of an active Mobile data connection. This solution enables you to strategically target your market and share images, videos, GIFs, PDFs, maps, calendar, dialer actions, engagement buttons and much more just at finger tips.

Benefit of RCS Business Messaging to your brand:
  • Global Reach with RCS Richness.
  • Verified Business Accounts.
  • Customized Branding.
  • Customized Engagement and CTA Buttons.
  • Campaign Performance Measurement.
  • Interactive Platform.
Benefit of RCS Business Messaging to consumer:
  • Secure communication.
  • Convenient communication.
  • Better Satisfaction.
  • Easier accessibility to your brand.
About Buffer media


About Buffer media

Get quick access to your customers or clients with our two way messaging platform, also our platform gives your customers access to directly get in touch with your company, initiate conversation and give you direct feedbacks on your products and services

About Buffer media
About Buffer media


About Buffer media

Effective messaging campaigns require an active and accurate customer database of mobile numbers, which can be difficult to maintain.

With Buffer's Number Lookup service, you can easily perform an instant check on the network status for every single mobile number in your database and identify active numbers.

By effectively eliminating unreachable or inactive numbers, you can maximize the campaign results and eliminate unnecessary costs

Key Highlights:
  • Quick Access to operators' subscriber databases with our direct connectivity.
  • High Reliability & Accuracy with our robust global infrastructure.
  • Worldwide Coverage with our global operator network.
  • Multiple Connectivity Protocols such as HTTP/ enum / SMPP /
Benefit of Number lookup service to your brand ?
  • Reduce database error margin.
  • Eliminating unreachable or inactive numbers.
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs ...
  • Maximize the campaign results.
  • Better analysis and decision making.


About Buffer media

One-Time Password (OTP) is a technological mechanism through which a single-use password is generated and sent to the registered mobile number for the user to access a website, platform or process a transaction. It is also known as two-factor authentication. OTP lends an additional layer of security to protect the digital identity of the end users.

Our OTP solution is tailored for companies to properly secure payment process and confirm transaction which is tailored according to customer's needs and preferences.

This solution is an SMS based confirmatory solutions that override heavy data volumes, message latency and geographies, our OTP (one time password) are highly useful in online transactions like bill payment confirmation, account activation, user registration verification, mobile number validation, etc. wherever reliable authentication support is imperative.

Benefit of Number lookup service to your brand ?
  • Securing Payment and Confirming Transactions.
  • Blocking Spammers and Bots Similar to Captcha Forms.
  • Securing Online Documents with Sensitive Information like Payslips, Medical Documents, Legal Documents.
  • Fast track routing: provide the pace that is needed for authentication messages.
  • Flexibility: supports multiple sender IDs configuration.
  • Cost effective: low costs, simple and secure channel.
About Buffer media